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About us

Founder and author:

I, Helping blogger the author of this website. I am a 26 year old boy working in a hospital as a male staff nurse by profession. I run this website in my home in free time, I started this website in 2020, now I am updating this website regularly.


This blog has been made completely according to education, in this you will get information about technology besides education, this blog will do full effort to provide useful posts for students,

If you have any question regarding any post of this blog, you can do so from the comment or contact page. I hope I will do my best to solve your problems.

Thank you

Our first objective is to provide only user friendly and useful content for our visitor. Our site will definitely be popular with people. I had a reputation for blogging long ago, but I hadn’t thought of it professionally,

Now we will try our best to reach this blog with the wishes of a good future, we have chosen our ideal blog Wikipedia and will always try to share only useful and accurate information.